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July 3, 2015

Boreal Bay

Boreal Bay, where glacial springs flow out into the northern sea. A pristine wilderness with wildlife and evergreen forests set before a backdrop of snow-covered mountains. Will you build small and eke out a settlement in harmony with nature? Or will you carve up the landscape to get at its bountiful natural resources?

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By: Arazmus

May 16, 2015

Crater Lake

Crater Lake is a map vaguely inspired by the real Crater Lake in southern Oregon. Once I started making this map though it quickly became it’s own thing. It has a lot of open space for a sprawling metropolis yet has that hidden away from civilization island type thing going on.

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By: Guestposter

Cinder Mountain Valley

A large valley among the Cinder mountain range with raging whitewater rivers, a lake at the base of Mount Cinder and many elevations to challenge the city builder while still feeling natural with adequate flat land.

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By: Kold

Fury Island


Fury Island has huge waterfalls, rushing rivers, lush forests and varied elevations to provide a challenge, although there is quite a bit of flat land to build a pretty massive city. This is my first map and went through quite a few variations but I’m pretty happy with the overall atmosphere now.

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By: Guestposter