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Cities: Skylines News

Free Cities: Skylines DLC soon with canals and terraforming – Win a trip to CO

Posted 11 Mar 2016

Win a trip to Finland and get ready for new DLC.

Cities: Skylines Snowfall review round-up

Posted 18 Feb 2016

Here’s what the critics think of Snowfall.

Cities Skylines Snowfall Patch Notes 1.3.0

Posted 17 Feb 2016

Find out what’s changed ahead of the Snowfall release.

Cities: Skylines Snowfall interview with Colossal Order’s Karoliina Korppoo

Posted 17 Feb 2016

Karoliina answers questions ahead of the Snowfall release.

Here’s what you get for free in Cities Skylines Snowfall

Posted 10 Feb 2016

Not sure what’s being included for free? Check this list.

Cities Skylines Snowfall Announced

Posted 19 Jan 2016

A winter wonderland awaits in this new expansion which is coming soon.

Cities: Skylines Nominated for Best PC Exclusive Title – Vote for it!

Posted 10 Dec 2015

The end of the year can only mean one thing, the annual PC Invasion Readers’ Awards. This year Cities: Skylines has been nominated on the Best PC Exclusive Title 2015 category so if you think it should win head over now and vote for it. The winners will be announced next week and are all voted […]

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