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Cities: Skylines News

Cities Skylines Snowfall Announced

Posted 19 Jan 2016

Greta news Skylines fans, there’s another expansion coming called Cities Skylines Snowfall and this time it’s focusing on weather.

Cities: Skylines Nominated for Best PC Exclusive Title – Vote for it!

Posted 10 Dec 2015

The end of the year can only mean one thing, the annual PC Invasion Readers’ Awards.

Cities: Skylines first person multiplayer mod released

Posted 15 Sep 2015

This Cities: Skylines first person multiplayer mod  has been in the works for a while but today it has finally been given “released” status by mod author Fr0sZ and it could help open up a new world of possibilities for the game.

Infographic details new Cities: Skylines After Dark features

Posted 15 Sep 2015

While most of us know what’s coming in Cities: Skylines After Dark from previews and the recent developer diaries, Paradox has released an infographic which lays it all out in words and pictures.

Cities: Skylines After Dark – Dev Diary 4: Commercial specialisations

Posted 11 Sep 2015

A new feature coming to Cities: Skylines After Dark is the new commercial specialisations which tie-in with the focus on nightlife and those great looking waterfront locations.

Cities: Skylines After Dark – Dev Diary 3: Expanded city services

Posted 4 Sep 2015

The third Cities: Skylines After Dark developer diary has been released and this week CO cover everything from policing to cargo.

CO CEO Mariina Hallikainen talks Selling Cities: Skylines

Posted 2 Sep 2015

The success of Cities: Skylines has been written about many times since the game launched and GI has posted the latest interview/article covering its success with comments from Colossal Order’s CEO Mariina Hallikainen.

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