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Cities: Skylines News

Cities: Skylines Patch 1.1.1c Hotfix Patch – Linux Issues Resolved

Posted 3 Jul 2015

Just when you thought the Cities: Skylines patch work was done another patch has been deployed to address a few more issues.

Cities: Skylines Patch 1.1.1b released with new content

Posted 1 Jul 2015

The Cities: Skylines Patch 1.1.1b patch has been released and not only does it fix some of the more common issues players have been experiencing, it also brings new content.

Cities Skylines Discounted in Steam Summer Sale

Posted 14 Jun 2015

It’s day three of the Steam Summer sale and it’s the turn of Cities: Skylines to receive a price reduction.

Valve demos Steam controller with Cities: Skylines – Pre-orders being taken

Posted 4 Jun 2015

Today ValveĀ announced pre-orders for some of their upcoming hardware which includes the Steam controller, Steam machines and theĀ streaming Steam link device.

Cities: Skylines European Theme v1.1 Update Released

Posted 19 May 2015

It’s finally here, the first major content update for Cities: Skylines.

Steam Workshop Paid Mods are Dead

Posted 28 Apr 2015

That’s didn’t last long. Cities: Skylines players can relax because it looks like the Steam paid workshop system has been canned.

Gabe Newell – Pay What You Want Will be Added to Steam Mods

Posted 27 Apr 2015

It looks like Valve has caved slightly with the new paid mods feature which will please City: Skylines players if paid mod support is added.

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