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Cities: Skylines News

Gabe Newell – Pay What You Want Will be Added to Steam Mods

Posted 27 Apr 2015

It looks like Valve has caved slightly with the new paid mods feature which will please City: Skylines players if paid mod support is added.

Poll: Should the Cities: Skylines Workshop Allow Paid Mods?

Posted 25 Apr 2015

Yesterday the Steam community came out guns blazing following Valve’s decision to allow Skyrim paid mods but should Colossal Order do the same?

Cities: Skylines Modding Interview with CO’s Damien Morello

Posted 25 Apr 2015

Mods are proving massively popular and Damien Morello discusses creating the game with modding in mind.

Cities: Skylines Mod of the Week – Improved Panels

Posted 19 Apr 2015

Cities: Skylines Mod of the Week returns after a short break and this week it’s a double dose in a single update.

Cities: Skylines Content Update due in a Month. More Details Shared

Posted 17 Apr 2015

If you were wondering what was happening with the first major content update we now know it’s due next month.

Colossal Order’s Karoliina Korppoo interviewed

Posted 17 Apr 2015

Colossal Order’s Karoliina Korppoo sits down for a podcast chat to discuss the game and new features.

CO Explain Their Plans for Cities: Skylines Tunnels

Posted 17 Apr 2015

Tunnels didn’t make it into the game but they are coming.

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