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Blue Airport

Hi there! Here is my first airport asset, Blue Airport. Size is same with vanilla one, it has 900 tris main model, 96 tris custom lod model and 1024×1024 textures. Jetways are seperate props, you need to subscribe it seperately to have them in airport.  

19 Feb 2016 | 0

Castle Playground

Hello Everyone, I just finished working on my latest project… A Castle Playground! I grew up playing on these in various locations around the state of New York and wanted to create a bigger playground that what is currently available to people. I hope you will all enjoy these through out your cities.  

19 Feb 2016 | 0

18 Round Golf Course

Hello Everyone, I have been working on this Golf Course the last 2 weeks and put in over 60 hours into it. It is based off of the Steyn City Golf Course which you can see the main image I used as a template to create these golf greens with. I looked for golf courses […]

19 Feb 2016 | 0

Maersk Line Cargo Ship

Introducing the Chirpette Maersk! A Cargo Ship that holds 3x the capacity of the default ships. Has 75 Storage opposed to 25. I plan on using this ship again by re-skinning it with different cargo line brands and will adjust it to make smaller sizes as well as smaller triangle count. I know what you […]

22 Nov 2015 | 0

Track and Field

Athletics events for your Cims. INFO maps – d,n,s,i (2048×1024) triangles – 5644 LOD triangles – 96 It’s located in decoration/plazas and parks 12×8  

22 Nov 2015 | 0

Century Hotel! A tourism building in the Art Deco style

Just released the Century Hotel! A tourism building in the Art Deco style. Visit the link to find out more information and to see screenshots!  

31 Oct 2015 | 0

Create your own shipping yard with this Modular Container System

Hey Everyone, I just improved my old shipping container system for After Dark! I’ve made a number of improvements including being able to see the props from any distance now. Visit any of the assets pages to read more about the changes and to see new photos. If you have subscribed to my old container […]

25 Oct 2015 | 0