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Tsunami Maker (Water Spawner)

Author: NS5X

With no disasters included with Cities Skylines, it has come to my attention that the citizens’ lives are much too easy and risk free. Therefore I have created this mod that will kill every last one of them (potentially). Use with caution.

What is it?
A script that will spawn a body of water when you right-click. Make anything from a small tidal wave to a tsunami that completely flattens your city. More clicking = more water.

How to make a tsunami: Right-click in the same spot for as long and as fast as you can. I will not be held responsible for finger cramps. If buildings and trees are submerged for long enough, they will be destroyed. The tsunami water should eventually drain away or evaporate.

Disclaimer: THIS CAN POTENTIALLY DESTROY YOUR CITY. I WILL NOT BE HELD RESPONSIBLE IF YOU FLOOD YOUR CITY AND THEN OVERWRITE YOUR SAVE FILE! If you have an auto-saver I recommend turning it off when using this mod.

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  • yoganugraha