First Cities: Skylines Developer Diary discusses roads

The Colossal Order team has posted their first Cities: Skylines Developer developer diary and the topic of discussion is the game’s roads. The diary covers the basics of road building, the different road types, parking, elevated roads, highways and ramps, and left/right side traffic. The diary has been put together by artist, designer and level designer Henkka.

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New Cities: Skylines shot shows airport in action

The dev team has decided it’s time for a new Cities: Skylines screenshot, the first since Gamescom. This new image shows an airport in action but it’s hard to tell the actual size of the complex because you can’t see the end of the runway. If it was an international airport then it should take up a large chunk of space but it’s still early days and structure sizes will likely change based on what fits best in the game world.

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