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    When I started playing last week I paid little attention to the resources and just wanted to get building a big city fast. Of course as the city gets bigger it becomes more challenging. So what are you guys planning on doing as soon as you load up the game on Tuesday?

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    I’ll definitely be loading in map data for the Isle of Arran and Glasgow to begin with.  I spent many hours sorting this out on SC4 as nothing beats being able to play about as Mayor with the places you call home!

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    My current plan is to build a few small towns, after of course getting the 25 KM mod, after which I shall build a larger city inbetween, with a small farming town a bit far away. I simply cannot wait for this game to come out.

    --- LordJiine

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      GJ Chameleon

      I like that idea too, LordJiine. I may have to try it as well.

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    lordjiine that is a very cool idea i love that idea

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    My first city will probably be more of a traditional grid design in the Center City area, then a bit more freeform farther out in the residential areas as the town grows. I’d like to try and recreate some of the neighborhoods of my home town; there was an area of streets that were circles, bisected by roads — I’d like to make those then also add in pedestrian paths for kids to use to get to the elementary school in the area. I’m looking forward to seeing the different types of roads too, especially one-way roads; those can work well in some areas if you have a road going one way parallel to one going the other.

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    GJ Chameleon

    The first thing I did was drool all over myself. Then I spent something like 10 straight hours totally engrossed in the game until I HAD to eat. haha

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