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    Welcome everyone! I am Arazmus, one of the site admins here and huge city builder fan! I’ve been playing city builders since the original Sim City and like most of you was saddened to see what happened to the franchise.

    The good news is Cities Skylines if here and it’s looking like everything we have been wanting for the genre for many years.

    Anyway, just a quick welcome from me and hope you guys will enjoy the site.

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    Hi Arazmus!

    My name is Bruno, I’m Brazilian but I live in Australia. I’m 33 years old and I have played city builders since the original SimCity, in CGA screens.

    I was very frustrated about the last SimCity. SimCity has been my favourite game for ages, but the last one just didn’t do it for me.

    I’ve been following Cities: Skyline progress, pre-ordered the Deluxe version at the moment it became available and I just CAN’T wait to get my hands on the game. I spend hours with my headphones just following live streams on Twitch, those lucky guys are having a blast.

    Really looking forward to spend hours building cities!!

    Well done team, well done!

    Cheers from down under,

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    G’Day Bruno 🙂

    I think we all feel the same about SimCity. So close but no cigar. I think your excitement is well warranted, I have been having a cracking time in the game since I got my hands on it last week. Tuesday is going to be great for fans of the genre. No doubt there will be bugs etc but CO seem pretty good at working with the community and they’ll hopefully be quick to resolve any major issues. Certainly not seen as many bugs as I did in the SimCity pre-release version.

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    I was a huge SC4 fan and like many others was initially very excited at the prospect of a new game… until EA/Maxis systematically ignored all of the fan requests for an evolution of the genre and instead gave us a watered down, tiny, online only, un-moddable kids version!

    We shouted and screamed and were ignored so I never even bought the new SC and was very happy to see it quickly become a disaster. Never ignore your true fan base!

    I hung up my Mayor’s hat because of all this but recently my brother told me about this game… three days ago! Since then I have read up on it and have to say i’m excited again and have just bought the game. Looking forward to sinking my teeth into it when I get home.

    Being able to import map data is a huge plus for me and hopefully some terraforming will appear at a later date, other than that the game looks to be everything I wanted from a SC4 sequel and i’ll soon find out this evening if i’m lost in a city building time-warp and 8 hours goes by in what feels like minutes…

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    Hi all,
    My netname is Elysdon, and I live in Australia. Very keen on Cities Skylines as Sim City 2013 was disappointing. Nice to see an unofficial community being set up and run, hopefully in a large community and can gather many contributors.

    Looking forward to the release date… just hours to go now… XD


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    Hallo. I am Cameron (People know me as LordJiine on the interweb) and I just love city builders, but hate Sim Cities restrictions. I cannot wait to play the game and I will most likely install the 25 square mod. Only another 12 or so hours *Sigh* but I might just a VPN to play it early for my country.

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    Hello i’m citbro2016 and i love to watch and play city builders i played tropico 5 I love this game it is so pretty graphic wise.

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    Hi, I’m justme259 and I hail from California in the USA, in the heart of Silicon Valley.

    Hadn’t even heard of Cities:Skylines till I heard discussion of it during a Hearthstone session on Twitch; saw another one of my favorite streamers playing an early activation copy and fell in love. Have fond memories of playing SimCity on the SNES way back in the Dark Ages; got SC2013 on a big sale but just couldn’t get into it. This game looks a lot more promising especially the fact that it’s all offline and no multiplayer — even with the offline sandbox mode SC2013 was too unwieldy. Having a nebulous “outer world” where goods can be shipped and resources imported works a lot better. Looking forward to getting my hands on it tomorrow!

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    GJ Chameleon

    I’m right there with you, man. It seems a lot of people don’t like the SimCity comparisons, but I don’t see anything wrong with it. From the little I saw of the developer interviews, it looks like they were really big fans of SimCity as well and made this game with a passion for the original. I hope that really is the case because that kind of passion is what will motivate them to make and keep the game so fun for the rest of us. There’s no greater flattery than imitation. From what I’ve seen so far, this will be the perfect successor of SimCity 4 I’ve been wanting all these years. I’m super syked about this community as well. I look forward to sharing and creations and checking out others on here.

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      GJ Chameleon

      Oops – I forgot to introduce myself! I’m Glenn aka gjChameleon.

      Obviously, I love this type of game and I’m super excited about this one in particular. I look forward to being an active community member and plan to post some stuff here as well as a YouTube channel I’ve created under the same name -gjChameleon. I’m new at it, so it might be a little silly, but I’d love some feedback if anyone is interested. Otherwise, I’ll be on here checking out other creations for inspiration.

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    Hello everyone,
    my name is Luca and I write from Italy (Val Gardena) … and sorry if my English is not perfect.

    I am 41 years old and from the first Simcity I spent hundreds of hours in front of the pc 😉 😉 … but to be honest the last SimCity, I did not even want to try …. too disappointed … 🙁 🙁

    … I can not wait to 18.00 tonight (Italian time) .. 😀 😀 😀

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    Hey guys,

    I’m a game industry vet, artist, etc. etc. and have been building tiny cities (and smashing some of them up) for 20+ years now.  Gave up on the genre a while ago, but SC looks like it could be just what we needed.


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    hello my name is Dave ,i am from Alberta Canada love the site really enjoying the game and wanted to say hi to all and a big thanks for this city builder ,great game spending some late nights and enjoying it lol….banditdr

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      Hi Dave, Blue, gjChameleon, citbro2016, LordJiine,  Elysdon, Web_Hippie, and I hope I didn’t miss out anyone 🙂 Welcome to Skylines City! Site is still a work in progress but I have made great strides with it since launch. Just sorted out all the maps/mods listings and created new styles for the pages to make it easier. Still lots to do!

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        GJ Chameleon

        Arazmus, you’re the creator of this website? Good job, if so. It’s very nice. How are you liking the game so far? Are you one of the lucky pre-release owners? I got mine at release and haven’t been able to stop playing long enough to get back on here since my original post. haha. I’m going to have to learn moderation if I’m going be more active in the community 🙂

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          Yeh I was playing about a week before release and it was hard to stop playing so I am having to play catch-up a bit with site stuff this week 🙂 I absolutely love the game, I was so frustrated with SimCity (2013) and then Cities XXL was such a rip-off. I was over the moon to see CO manage to pull off a great city builder as I’ve been playing them since the 90s.

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    Greetings all, my name is Rich, I’m 56 year old and live in Florida, I been into city building and tycoon games since about 2001, I’m looking forward to this game which hopefully I’ll be purchasing next weekend. I’m having to upgrade my video card sometime this week so hopefully everything will go smoothly.
    I piddle around with 3D modeling although I still have much to learn, I’m hoping to create some of my own building designs and such to add to my cities.
    I look forward to lurking around the forums and learning the game prior to my purchase especially.
    PS:  thank you Arazmus you did a great job with the website .

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      Thanks Sap and welcome. Look forward to seeing what you create with the modelling. Can never have enough new additions for the game. There are so many now in the workshop it’s hard to keep up and find the good ones.

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    Thank you.  🙂 I’m not a bad modeler in general but I never modeled anything for a game so I have much to learn yet.

    PS:  I’m having an issue cropping my avatar, there’s no way to edit the crop it only accepts what it shows me which is the upper left of whatever image I add.  🙁

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    Greetings and salutations. My name is James aka technomage72 in steamland. I’m 42 years old and live in North Carolina. Enjoying the hell out of the game, and messing around with the mods that are available. Like most everyone else, I grew up with the original simcity and hated the direction they took the game. So far, no complaints about Skylines at all.

    Caffiene and nicotine addicted programming and gaming insomniac.

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      Good to see so many gamers in their 40s playing this game (myself included). I guess many of us played a lot of city builders back in the good old days of SimCity 🙂

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    Hi guys, I’m Mouttonnoir a 50 something Scot from Glasgow. I’ve only just discovered this site. Looking forward to Skylines for months and now its here. Glad that CO have delivered what was promised. An excellent foundation upon which the benchmark of all city sims will grow! I was a big fan of SimCity4 and sorry I know its the thing to diss  SC2013 but it does have its good bits that I’d kinda hoped to see in C Skylines- modular civic buildings and services and day/night cycle- CO have missed a trick- would be awesome to view this massive cities twinkling for miles into the distance. Glad to see a mod is under development! Your community looks healthy and I look forward to participating.

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      Welcome mouttonnoir. Good to see a fellow Scot and Glaswegian here 🙂 So have you tried recreating Glasgow yet? Was thinking about attempting Edinburgh but I doubt I’ll ever find the time.

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    Arazmus it’s a small world!

    Would love to get creative- got lots of ideas for maps/assets but don’t have the skills.  I had a look at the tutorial posted and link to the map site but I can’t find the necessary files on my mac that would allow m to load the map into the game.

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    Hi everybody!

    I am SkiraCeleste and have my current homebase in Austria (not Australia 🙂 ) since 1 1/2 years. I found this game on a youtube channel and now I feel the urge to also play it.


    Kind regards


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    I’m another Dave from Alberta Canada, and am in the 50+ crowd.

    I’ve been browsing this site, and have to say… This place is excellent.  Looking forward to more content and discussions here.

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    I’m Rendy from Central Borneo, i’m 25 years old and since 12 years old i’m start to love with this kind a city building simulations. Not like the other experienced fellow in here, i’m still need more hours to figure what will affect if i do this….if i do that…and etc in the Cities Skyline, but i like that challenge 🙂

    Glad to find a place with the same hobby.
    Kind Regards.

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    Welcome Rendymaro27, SkiraCeleste and Dave9911! Hope you enjoy your stay and feel free to ask anything if you get stuck.

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    Hi guys, Tony from London, getting the game on Saturday… thanks

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    Hi, I am CSFrance – I used to play SC4RH for so many years, and now is time for CS
    Would SkylinesCity be interested by one affiliation/partnership with my French website/forum Cities: Skylines :France?
    Email me yr banner if interested, by sayin’ yr country too.  Thanks.
    Obviously, I am from France 🙂 Cheers!

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    hi, i’m GNeto. i’m from Brazil and i play sim city for many years too. but i like so much cities skylines. it’s surprising me and i thrust in this game. i’m very happy to play skylines

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    Welcome to the site!

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