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    Got any tips for new players? Share them in this thread because there’s plenty of people needing help 🙂

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    Start small!  Do the natural evolution of hamlet > village > town when it comes to size and the layout, otherwise you will run out of cash if you start planning that megalopolis too early.  The big city will come eventually, especially once all of your towns begin to merge into one larger city with each tile being like a different region or district.

    And think ahead when it comes to sewage, my first town is polluting the main water source of the next tile I want to expand to because I never thought ahead about expanding into that area. Now that I want to, the citizens will be drinking crap if I set it up!

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    I already play for a few weeks now, just some tips from me, the best and faster solution to export, import and deliver some raw material is use Freight Train Cargo, you can separate the railway between cargo and public transport railway or you can merge the railway to cut some extra money to purchase the railway. You can also use  truck to the main highway or use cargo ship in cargo harbor but these 2 solutions is little bit slow. Why? :
    -Trucks will make more traffic flow and sometimes it can make traffic jam and slow the delivery process (even you make the public transport free).-Cargo Ship is little bit slow and it must near to the beach so it can operate normally.

    That’s it from me 😀

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    Thanks for the tips rendymaro27, getting your freight transport right can save a lot of hassle 🙂

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