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    GJ Chameleon

    I’m having trouble keeping my forestry industry. The buildings abandon faster than I can keep up. I don’t know of a way to find out why the buildings keep closing. Here are the potential issues I’ve addressed so far (with no result):

    There was a nearby zone of general industry. Maybe trees don’t grow well with pollution nearby? So, I removed the general industry. Now I have a huge area of forestry with a small nearby area of agriculture. I don’t know how to get rid of any potential pollution from traffic and/or the cargo rail yard though. This district creates a LOT of traffic. That brings us to the second possible issue…

    I’ve spent hours on the traffic and now have a good system of flow with hardly any traffic issues and several direct access points to the highway and a rail yard.

    Location/Public Transportation:
    Then I thought the problem might be that the area is somewhat removed from the rest of my city. I added bus routes direct from each of my residential neighborhoods. However, I’m in the process of redoing all off my public transportation. I had a bus route for each neighborhood looping around the city to all my industrial and commercial areas. Now I’m going to have smaller, localized bus routes within each residential/commercial/industrial area. each area will also have a couple metro stations with bus stops. My metro will serve a more global function to connect each of the smaller area. The idea is for a citizen to take a bus in his neighborhood to that neighborhood metro. (S)he can then take the metro to another neighborhood for work/school/entertainment and then another bus to their final destination. I’ll let you know how this works out once completed. (hopefully it will solve my problem).

    Local Residents:
    Something else I did was to build a residential area near the forestry district to provide more local workers (which should totally bypass the potential transportation problem since they’re so close). This hasn’t seemed to help yet.

    My final guess is that my city is to well educated. I’ve removed all the schools in the residential area nearest the forestry district to see if that helps. So far it hasn’t. However, I still have a fairly well educated city most everywhere else. Do I need to dumb down the entire city?

    Right now I’m sitting on a stagnant city with no demand for any zones and nonstop abandonment in my forestry district. I’m not sure why. Overall, the city is well balanced and “happy.” Any ideas??

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    Trees don;t do well on polluted land as you know. Is the ground showing polluted on the overlay?

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    GJ Chameleon

    Arazmus – right, that’s what I was thinking. I moved my pollution industry out of the area a while back. All of the purple ground is gone now – with the exception of an area near my cargo rail yard and a couple incinerators. I actually forgot about the incinerators. I’m going to move them and see what happens. I wouldn’t think it would have a huge effect, though, because they only pollute a small portion of the large forestry district giving me this issue. Either way, it doesn’t hurt to try it out.

    I’ve been watching it a little closer and it looks like the real problem is lack of workers. I couldn’t figure out what that icon meant, but when I look at the building, there never seems to be enough workers. The problem is my city doesn’t have any residential demand right now. I’ll keep playing with it and testing some ideas. Unfortunately I’ve been busy at work lately, but I’ll post my eventual solution when I finally have time to play and find it. Any ideas are welcome, though.

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    Darth Reckoner

    I’ve had a similar problem with my agricultural industry. From my research I’ve found that the issue is a lack of uneducated workers. So I built a residential neighborhood w/o any schools near my farming district, but that didn’t fix it right away either. I think it takes quite a while in game time for all the cims that are educated to grow old and have children who become uneducated, and they grow up to then work in the industry.

    Also, my farming district is in the northern tile (relative to my starting tile). I have a theory that it needs to be further away from my city center in order for my farming residents to not have easy access to the school systems.


    P.S. Is it elitist to think that a farming industry has no demand for well educated people?

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    I have seen comments on this problem where it could be down to access of workers and not education. If you have an industry along way outside of your town there is just simply not enough workers. They are all filling positions closer to the main workforce.

    Here is an example of someone testing this…

    View post on imgur.com

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    To the problem with too educated people don’t wanna work in un-educated places. I read something in the loading screen and got the same results like the tip say. Educated people don’t want really work at un-educated workplaces. But they WILL DO. Don’t zone too much industry at one time if you have mainly educated people. If the higher educated don’t get a better job, with much more time as normal they begin to work in your un-educated industries. You can check that at the building-information panel. There is an info about too high educated workers at that building. It is of course a one-way road. The better educated will work in lower educated places with time, but the lower educated can’t work in higher educated places. Let the zone time to find their workers. Make more residentials (check the employees/unemployed stat in the city info screen, mostly you don’t have enough workers). If you don’t have zone-needs acutally speed up the time and wait some minutes. Needs will definitely come (commercials acutally not cause of a weird bug i think).

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