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    I’m getting lots of dead bodies in my buildings, and I can’t figure out why.

    • I have a lot of hospitals, cemeteries, crematoriums.
    • Sewage is downstream of pumped water
    • Industry is usually separated from residential areas


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    I had a similar problem after changing all my existing housing areas from low density to high density when I reached the milestone.

    If you’re mainly using high density housing areas then you will encounter “dying waves” as families (which are the engine of birth rate) like to live in low density rural areas (like in real cities 😉

    For me it worked, to lay out the housing areas with an overall ration between low and high density of two to one, or three to one.

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    If you watch the hearse’s their they need to be a bit smarter… i’ve followed one that drives wayyy over the other side of the map to collect a dead body that is really close to another crematorium… the unfortunate thing is once the one coming across the map is selected no other cem’s/crem’s will try and collect it even if its closer

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    Hi, sometimes i face the same problem, the solution that i always try is to keep watch the traffic flow, put some crem in the high dens house, some cemetery in some low den house, at least in every city you make there will be 1 crem or one cemetery, and also put some few percentage of budget for Health section maybe 5% or more, there will be increase slightly the capacity of cars to pick the dead body. Hope it help 🙂


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