How am I getting my game if I pre-ordered from Paradox Store instead of Steam?

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    Hi all,

    Hope you can give me some advise.

    I have purchased (11th Feb) the game from Paradox Store. I have an email confirming my order but no serial number, key or any redemption code to use on Steam.

    The email states:

    “If you purchased a game your product key will be delivered in a separate email to the email address you have attached to your Paradox Account once your payment is processed.

    If you purchased a downloadable product you can download your files by clicking the link(s) below.”

    But there’s no download link, and that is expected.

    Any ideas? When the game launches in a few hours, how am I going to get it?

    I just hope I get something in time for the launch, I’m in Australia and the launch is at 3am of the 11th, the plan was to wake up just to hit download and go back to bed so it would be very frustrating if I wake up and there’s nothing there…

    I’m pretty sure Paradox has a plan in place considering they’ve been doing everything right, but I’m a bit worried anyway lol

    Tks 🙂

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    I would assume you will be mailed a key or something prior to or at launch. Never ordered through the store so no idea.

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      Let’s hope so 🙂

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    it would be akful for youn nit to get it

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      I agree, but they wouldn’t do that, right?

      I’ve been watching live streams for quite a while now!!

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    well, they send me a steam key 2.5 hours before the release time \o/

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