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    I have the problem with game. I both this game yesterday, but when I start the game, screen is black, only with game-cursor, without sounds.

    I manual installed Microsoft Visual C++, I have hardware compatible with this game, I have 64bit Win7, I tried start the game with offline Steam, I tried start the game as administrator, I tried re-install games, but without success.
    Here is my output_log.txt: http://pastebin.com/WE8NjJBS

    I don’t know, what to do with this problem. But I read the same problem have o lot of peopole (in Czech Facebook group and in Steam community too)

    Thank you for help.


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    I also have this issue, windows 8.1.

    Gave up, uninstalled – played another game. Depressing there don’t seem to be any official fixes for this.

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