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To the problem with too educated people don’t wanna work in un-educated places. I read something in the loading screen and got the same results like the tip say. Educated people don’t want really work at un-educated workplaces. But they WILL DO. Don’t zone too much industry at one time if you have mainly educated people. If the higher educated don’t get a better job, with much more time as normal they begin to work in your un-educated industries. You can check that at the building-information panel. There is an info about too high educated workers at that building. It is of course a one-way road. The better educated will work in lower educated places with time, but the lower educated can’t work in higher educated places. Let the zone time to find their workers. Make more residentials (check the employees/unemployed stat in the city info screen, mostly you don’t have enough workers). If you don’t have zone-needs acutally speed up the time and wait some minutes. Needs will definitely come (commercials acutally not cause of a weird bug i think).