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GJ Chameleon

Arazmus – right, that’s what I was thinking. I moved my pollution industry out of the area a while back. All of the purple ground is gone now – with the exception of an area near my cargo rail yard and a couple incinerators. I actually forgot about the incinerators. I’m going to move them and see what happens. I wouldn’t think it would have a huge effect, though, because they only pollute a small portion of the large forestry district giving me this issue. Either way, it doesn’t hurt to try it out.

I’ve been watching it a little closer and it looks like the real problem is lack of workers. I couldn’t figure out what that icon meant, but when I look at the building, there never seems to be enough workers. The problem is my city doesn’t have any residential demand right now. I’ll keep playing with it and testing some ideas. Unfortunately I’ve been busy at work lately, but I’ll post my eventual solution when I finally have time to play and find it. Any ideas are welcome, though.