Cities Skylines Snowfall Patch Notes 1.3.0

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Colossal Order has released the patch notes ahead of tomorrow’s Cities Skylines Snowfall release.

Tomorrow we release Snowfall, hurray! We are of course very excited to bring you another DLC with snow, trams, more buildings and of course hats for Chirpy.

The DLC is set to launch some time during the afternoon CET.

Having that said – updating a game with the moddability we feature will have its issues. We have worked behind the scenes with a team of the core modders and asset creators to ensure a smooth transition for you all, yet everyone was not available and our resources limited. A few of the more popular mods will stop working with Snowfall.

The biggest one we have identified so far that might cause issues is Traffic++. From what we can see the author is currently not active and we don’t have any indication on when or if it will be fixed. For users of this mod we recommend disabling it for new saves and only loading it in“ghost mode” for old saves that are reliant on it being activated to work.

Beyond this we expect most of the major mods and assets to work with Snowfall without bigger problems. HUGE thanks to the wonderful community members and prominent modders that have worked very hard during our closed testing to bring their creations up to speed. You’re awesome!

With no further ado, here are the patch notes!

Verson 1.3.0-f4
Paid content Snowfall Expansion
  • Winter theme added
  • 3 winter maps
  • 3 new winter parks
  • 4 new landmark buildings
  • Snow (generated on buildings)
  • Snowfall
  • Northern lights
  • Chirper variations and new chirps
  • Winter citizens
  • Winter trees
  • Winter props
  • Cars slow down on snow
  • Some twinkle!
  • New sounds
  • New music
  • Winter versions for a few After Dark growables added
  • Tram added
  • Tram rails, electricity poles and models
  • Tram roads and bridges/tunnels
  • Tram stops
  • Tram depot
  • Thumbnails and tooltips
  • Added to the public transport Info view
  • Added to the economy panel
  • Snow plows, that remove the snow from roads, and snow dump
  • Heating
  • Pipes
  • Geothermal Heating Plant
  • Boiler Station
  • Road maintenance service
  • Road maintenance truck and depot
  • Road condition affects car speed
  • Sauna
  • Temperature affects electricity and heat consumption
  • 8 new Steam achievements
  • 4 new policies
  • New loading tips
  • New loading images

Free for all players:

  • Expanded public transportation UI
  • Line detail / visibility icons
  • Public transport lines panel (sorting of lines by name, vehicle count, passenger count or number of stops, color and renaming and day/night/daynight lines settings) available from the public transport info view
  • Theme editor
  • Added information on which custom map theme is used for a map to New game, Load game, New map and Load map panels, including the theme author name
  • Warning added when trying to use a map or save that has a missing custom map theme
  • New map panel allows custom themes when starting a new map
  • Weather
  • Rain
  • Fog
  • Chirper variations
  • 5 new Steam achievements
  • Thermometer shows current temperature either in Celsius or Fahrenheit
  • Trams/taxi in info view now scalable size
  • Tunnel entrances have lights
  • Background menu image fading based on what DLCs are owned
  • Main menu DLC badges
  • Building collision height includes props/trees
  • Small fixes for numerous buildings
  • Terrain cliffs and sand have now higher texel density.
  • Terrain cliff and sand textures have been improved and more uniformly tiled relative to different themes.
  • Fixed: Expansion 1: “2×2 Pub” gets built in Tourism districts and not Leisure districts
  • Fixed: Expansion 1: Design: 1x1_Souvenir Shops are built in Leisure Specilization districts.
  • Fixed: Expansion 1: Three assets are in the wrong category in the Asset Editor
  • Fixed: Expansion 1: “2×2 Beauty Salon” has wrong sort of names
  • Fixed: Expansion 1: Polish text for “User Interface Volume” goes out of bounds
  • Fixed: Russian option text in Display Mode scroll list goes out of bounds
  • Fixed: SPA/RUS: Options: The Aspect Ratio drop-down menu has cut-off text
  • Fixed: Magicka Theme Park is unevenly lit at night
  • Fixed: There is no “Normal” style for European maps
  • Fixed: Animated parks and unique buildings have flashing people and animals when viewed from the Electricity info view
  • Fixed: Elevated roads cannot be upgraded
  • Fixed: Some parks can be built under an elevated road, causing collision issues
  • Fixed: Solar Power plants description doesn’t match the functionality
  • Fixed: It’s possible to access locked construction menu tabs if loading into a smaller city save game from a large city save game
  • Fixed: Some citizens remain in parks indefinitely and sometimes retain their child bodies
  • Fixed: Graphics: Most props on the Magicka Theme Park are losing textures while zoomed out
  • Fixed: Tourism drops significantly in cities which have reached an attractiveness limit
  • Fixed: If too many 1×1 buildings are built close to each other, they, along with nearby buildings, will disappear if the user zooms out the
  • Fixed: An error message appears when attempting to continue a power line by selecting the top-most part of a pylon.
  • Fixed: AI: After loading a saved game, multiple vehicles return to their depot.

On a minor note. After Friday your new Community Manager is Graham Murphy, AKA Escher. Please direct communication regarding Snowfall in his direction 🙂

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  • Titanicbuff

    it literally killed my exsisting city- happens each time they do an expansion pack. I always end up restarting. And everytime i report it they give me the run around- not sure why the company perfers to do an expansion pack without fixing issues first.

  • SwanPuncher

    Yup,this update has broken all my cities.water, sewage,transport has all gone to shit.can’t play it without restarting another city

  • http://www.pcinvasion.com Arazmus

    Any city made with a lot of mods is going to struggle. It’s a real pain if you are attached to a city but that’s the price we pay.

  • Titanicbuff

    What I also find dumb is the unrealistic way they wrote it. snow ONLY in paid version? That stupid, and only in 1 biome.