18 Round Golf Course

Hello Everyone, I have been working on this Golf Course the last 2 weeks and put in over 60 hours into it. It is based off of the Steyn City Golf Course which you can see the main image I used as a template to create these golf greens with. I looked for golf courses that looked really diverse and I found this one to have many interesting shapes so I decided to go with it. You can choose to either try to recreate the golf course or mix and match any of the greens as you desire.

My goal was to create a set of greens that can be used over and over again while also giving the meshes some hilly formations and divots. The greens are numbered for clarity according to the original but what is great is that you can choose to use whatever ones you want in any order to create your own look and feel. Create a simple 9 hole course or a full 18, It’s up to you!

Subscribe to the requirements on the side if you want the golf flags to show up.

If you would like to add details using the More Beautification mod. Check out the linked collection to subscribe to other assets that I’ve made such as a Golf Cart, Golf Clubs Bag and Golf Ball Washer!

Asset Details

Each Green costs $7500, Upkeep $100, Water 10, 0 Tourists to avoid having to connect roads.
Entertainment Accumulation = 150
Entertainment Radius = 1000

Each Mesh has between 1000 and 2500 tris. Mainly averaging around 1500-1700. The LOD is the same as the main model as well. They take up soo much land space that creating a lod seemed very pointless to me given the small tri size of the main model. Basically the amount of land they take up would add up to equivalent of many buildings lods on a simple zoned road if you get what I mean. Also by doing so you can continue to see the hill formations from a distance at good lighting conditions which is what I wanted. If you want to find out the exact numbers of each mesh then please use the Mesh Info mod.

Textures are 1024×1024, Lod Textures are 256×256.

Known Issues
I did my best to be able to build these on hills and such but if you zoom out and get ground clipping you will need to adjust the land to be more suitable for specific pieces on a case by case basis. It’s not that common to happen though.

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