Prop Remover

Removes most annoying and unrealistic props from all buildings (configurable)

Are you annoyed with your high-tech industrial zone looking like it came from XIX century? Or with steam on roof tops? Or maybe with scary clown heads? Or silly squirrels?

You can make your city look more clean and realistic by removing them!

This mod provides options entry to set which props to remove. All changes take effect only when you’re loading from main menu. Toggling removals on/off while in-game is not supported yet.

Currently this mod allows to remove:

– Smoke
– Steam
– Clown heads 3D billboards
– Ice cream 3D billboards
– Go Nuts Doughnuts 3D billboards
– Random 3D billboards (includes 3 previous types. Disable this too to make sure none of them appears in your city)
– Squids 3D billboards
– Wall flags
– Rooftop solar panels
– Some billboards on facades
– Neon Chirpy

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