Functional Nursing Homes for Senior Citizens


This is a mod designed to give your Senior Citizens a place to live comfortably (or not) after they have retired which will free up valuable real estate allowing for the next generation to move in to your city.

This mod should help alleviate the “Senior Waves” and “Death Waves” by allowing you to proactively prepare for such situations.

Check out the videos above for a demonstration. (Note: Videos are of an older version, Nursing Homes now have their own Menu Tab in the Healthcare Services Menu)

Question of the Day: Capacity?

I finally got around to playing a game for myself, and I think the 40 rooms in the Basic Nursing Home is too little. Does anyone agree or disagree? Should I bump the Basic Nursing Home up to 80 rooms? Should I adjust the Senior Residential Home capacity?

Important Notes

This mod provides the functionality needed by supported Assets. To actually place Nursing Homes you need to subscribe to one or more Nursing Home Assets (see below)

Nursing Home Assets will show up under their own tab in the Healthcare Services Menu in game.

What does a Nursing Home do?

Nursing Homes will:

  • Identify Senior Citizens within their operational radius
  • Offer the Senior Citizen the opportunity to move into the Nursing Home (dynamic probability)
  • Act as a fully fledged residential building for the Senior Citizens living there

Other Details:

  • If there are multiple Senior Citizens in a family, then all or none of them will move to the Nursing Home
  • Seniors can be pulled out of a family with other members like Adults, but the presence of Adults in a family reduce the chances of a Senior moving to the Nursing Home
  • Seniors will not move if there are children without an Adult left to take care of them
  • Nursing Home Assets can be made by anyone (see below)
  • Nursing Homes can come in 6 qualities (0-5)
    • 0-1 quality NHs are seen as negative and may cause a bit of unhappiness
    • 2-5 quality NHs are increasingly more luxurious
    • Each Asset should specify their quality level

What are the chances a Senior will move to a Nursing Home?

This is based on multiple factors including citizen’s age, wealth, distance from the NH, quality of the NH, and family status.

For a complete overview of the probability algorithm, check out the Probability Algorithm discussion.

Known Assets


Known Issues
  • Nursing Homes are treated as “Deathcare” in game. The Nursing Homes will not actually provide death services (at this time), but they may show as coverage for Deathcare when placing them.
  • Text is currently English only. Please let me know if you would like it localized for a specific language so I can prioritize it.


Generating Assets

I’m not great with Assets so I’m counting on the community to make some cool Nursing Home Assets!

Check out the 2nd Video above for a demo on creating compatible Assets.

When creating your own assets please specify the quality (as a star rating) in your Asset’s description.

There are two options for creating compatible Assets:

  • Option 1 (from an existing NH):
    1. Ensure this mod is enabled
    2. Just use an existing functional Nursing Home Asset as a template
  • Option 2 (from scratch):
    1. Ensure this mod is enabled
    2. Create a New Asset
    3. Name and Save the Asset with “NH123” somewhere in the file name
    4. Quit to Main Menu
    5. Create a second New Asset using the first Asset as a template (your first one will always show under Healthcare Services, even if you started with something else)
    6. Confirm Nursing Home Properties show in Asset Editor (IE: Number of Rooms and Quality)
    7. Continue building your asset


Source Code

Git Hub Repository:

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  • James

    This does not work, comes up with a AI crime error as soon as I plot, would be great though if it worked.