Maersk Line Cargo Ship

Introducing the Chirpette Maersk! A Cargo Ship that holds 3x the capacity of the default ships.

Has 75 Storage opposed to 25. I plan on using this ship again by re-skinning it with different cargo line brands and will adjust it to make smaller sizes as well as smaller triangle count. I know what you are probably thinking. OMG almost 10k Triangles for a Cargo Ship!? I personally think this is not a big issue. There is a max Lod radius in game in which the Lod is triggered. Cargo Ships are usually out in the water or near the edge of your city, So it’s really not a big deal at all. As far as the Lod goes for 1,400 Triangles, it is what it is and I’m not changing that. It’s well worth it if you ask me.

Known Issue: I tested this prior to making it to see how big I could make it without causing problems. Because it’s a large ship it has one issue where it will come up on the land a little bit from a certain direction instead of spinning the right way and docking. If I can figure out a way to fix it in the future I will, but as for right now it’s something you’ll just have to deal with. Honestly it does not bother me at all and it is very much tolerable. It will leave the Harbor and dock correcting coming from the other direction. See for yourself in game. I’ve found that if you place the harbor on different land types it can fix the issue. I found it works best directly on the coast. My biggest issue was with a little dock shaped peninsula that I had my harbor on.

Main Model Tris = 9,768
1024×2048 Textures D,N,S,A,I

Lod Model Tris = 1,400
256×256 Textures D,N,S,I

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