Moledozer – Like a bulldozer, but only underground!

Just because you’re operating a bulldozer doesn’t mean you should behave like a bull in a china shop! Got several layers of underground infrastructure to demolish buried under countless precious assets and a charming set of high-level growables? Don’t sweat it, moledoze it! With moledozer, gone are the days of surgical underground bulldozing! Vaporize those unwanted tunnels, even from high above, without any risk of collateral surface damage. Moledozer lets you bulldoze in style, with confidence and peace of mind!

This mod alters the behavior of the vanilla bulldozer tool when you have the traffic view enabled. In this mode, it will only affect road, metro and train tunnels (as well as metro stations with the usual warning), so you don’t have to worry about accidentally bulldozing anything on the surface. In all other views, the bulldozer tool behaves as usual.

Happy moledozing! 😀

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