Create your own shipping yard with this Modular Container System

Hey Everyone, I just improved my old shipping container system for After Dark! I’ve made a number of improvements including being able to see the props from any distance now. Visit any of the assets pages to read more about the changes and to see new photos. If you have subscribed to my old container assets I suggest you delete them from your maps and start fresh with these new ones, they are much better quality over all.

There are 5 parts, I’ve linked every assets page so you can easily open all requirements. The props really help add to the feel of a container yard so it’s suggested that you subscribe to those! Also please remember to rate the main assets up if you think they are good. They took a long time to make and I would like to see it featured so many other people will not miss out! Thanks

Lastly I plan on making addon assets for this modular system that will look completely different to diversify the shipping yards. Enjoy!

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