Cities: Skylines first person multiplayer mod released

This Cities: Skylines first person multiplayer mod  has been in the works for a while but today it has finally been given “released” status by mod author Fr0sZ and it could help open up a new world of possibilities for the game. While there’s been a few mods for a first person mode it’s always been a solo experience.

With this new released version of the mod, players can join another player’s game from a workshop save and run around in the city. The mod doesn’t actually let you play the game together but it does show what is possible with the mod API and let you mess around with your friends.

Have you ever wanted to show your friends your city, or even play hide n seek or maybe race to the top of a building? Well now you can with this mod. It allow you to host any of your saves or any save on the workshop and play them with your friends and even with random people from the internet.

Movement is controlled with the standard WASD keys, space to jump, right click to use the grapple hook and TAB for the scoreboard.

Who knows where this could lead in the future but it may just help open the door for new more expansive multiplayer mods. The video below is an old version of the mod but it does show how it looks.

Check out the mod over on the Workshop.

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