Network Extensions

Current support:
-4 lanes Small Avenue
-2 lanes Rural HighWay
-2 lanes Small Rural HighWay – 1 per direction
-6 lanes HighWay

Planned Extensions:

-[In Progress!] Mac Compatibility
-2 lanes Avenues with suicide lanes / turning lanes
-3 lanes Avenues with median (Thanks to Keepitblue)
-4 lanes Avenues (Thanks to cheeto265)
-1 lane Oneway
-3 lanes Oneway
-4 lanes Oneway
-4 lanes Highway
-2 lanes Alley Road – 1 per direction – One cell wide (Thanks to Boformer)

Future Extensions:

-8 lanes Highway
-Express Highways (very fast highways)
-Some HOV Supports on new avenues and one ways
… and more

Tested compatibilities:

-Traffic++ Improved AI
-Traffic Report Tool

Known issues:

-Incompatibilities with Some Roads mod
-Small Avenues and Small Rural HighWays dont have an elevated/bridge/tunnel version yet
-Crosswalks still appears on the Elevated HighWays in far camera distance

Help needed:

-Anyone who wants to code
-Every new ideas will be taken in consideration =)

Special thanks for the inspiration from:

jfarias’ Traffic++
some danny’s Some Road
Jonathan Bailey’s medium OneWay road[github.com]

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