Cities: Skylines After Dark Releases Next Month


Colossal Order and Paradox announced the expansion a couple of weeks ago and if you thought you were going to have to wait a while for it to arrive think again. The Cities: Skylines After Dark expansion will be released on 24 September.

Rop coincide with the announcement, CO has kicked up the first in a series of developer diaries, most of which has been covered in previews following Gamescom but still worth a look.

The expansion, which will include a broad variety of features, such as a day-and-night cycle, new nighttime city services and options, and much more, will be available to players of Cities: Skylines on PC, Mac, and Linux for $14.99 via digital distributors everywhere.

To give curious city constructors a glimpse of what awaits them in After Dark, Paradox has released the first weekly design diary from Cities: Skylines developer Colossal Order, along with a new batch of in-game screenshots showing several of the substantial sundown surprises that await players.

In After Dark, the sun will set on mayor-players’ in-game cities – but it will rise once nighttime is over, so nobody needs to worry. Towns will look – and behave – differently at night, with new leisure-focused nightspots, popular beachfront properties that thrive during the daytime and new systems such as taxicabs, prisons, bike lanes and much more.

Are you excited for it?

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