Prop Probability Changer (Utility for asset creators)

This is a utility mod for asset creators, not for normal players!

This mod helps you to change the probability that a certain prop appears when a building instance is created.

It is a nice way to increase the variety of the asset, especially when you create row houses: Every garden will look differently.

The probability can be set with Mod Tools in the asset editor. This mod just ensures that the values you set are saved when you save your asset (by default, the values are reset to 100).

You need Mod Tools to change the propability values.

  1. Load your asset in the asset editor or create a new asset.
  2. Place and move props and trees
  3. When you are done, save the asset. This will refresh the prop list.
  4. Now press CTRL + E to open the “Scene Explorer” of Mod Tools.
  5. Find the “Tool Controller” group on the left, expand it.
  6. Open the “ToolController” subnode. A long list of properties will be displayed on the right
  7. Expand the property “PrefabInfo m_editPrefabInfo” (right side). Image[i.imgur.com]
  8. Find the subproperty “BuildingInfo+Prop[] m_props”.
  9. You see a numbered list of props (including trees).
  10. Open the entries and adjust the “m_probability” property (Range: 0 – 100 [%]):Image[i.imgur.com]
  11. Now save the asset again. The probabilities are now saved.

Warning: When you move a prop and save the asset again, the probability will be reset to 100! Setting the probabilities should be the last step of the asset creation.

Technical Background Information

The visible prop instances in the asset editor and the prop list that is saved in the .crp package are not directly synchronized.

When you save the asset, the prop list is refreshed. By default, the propability values are reset to 100 in that step.

This mod compares the refreshed prop list with the old prop list. If the name of the prop and the position of the prop are equal, the mod copies the probability of the old prop to the new prop.

When you move a prop, the positions will not match anymore, so the probability will be reset to 100.

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