Foam ‘N Go Car Wash

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I’ll start off by saying that I used a lot of models found on the 3D Warehouse but I also put in a lot of work modifying, creating my own models and making sure the tri count was optimal. This was not just some slap together project that took a few mins. Took me about a week to do. Please Visit the Steam Workshop Page to see all the model links I used. Thanks

For The Best Results so you don’t get some weird clipping issues with the model I suggest placing it on perfectly flat ground.

—– Asset Details —–
Total Tris = 17,956
Lod Tris = 254

16 x 8 Space
Construction Cost = 100,000
Electricity = 2,400 KW
Upkeep = $320 a week

Fire Hazard – 25
Fire Tolerance – 100
Garbage Accumulation – 25

High – 50
Medium – 50
Low – 50

Sewage Accumulation – 10
Water Consumption – 250

Entertainment – 250
Entertainment Radius – 800

Color Variations – White, Blue, Green & Yellow

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