European Buildings Unlocker (+vice versa)

This mod does what its name says: it unlocks European buildings & props for all environments (+vice versa)
It fixes my biggest disappointment with C:SL v1.1 – Euro buildings limited to ‘European’ environment. I’ve also fixed Improved Assets Panel, Improved Mods Panel and ModTools to make them compatible with v1.1 + added some new features. They can be found in my worshop

If you want Euro landmarks to be unlocked for building from beginning use my Unlock All + Wonders & Landmarks mod

The mod should be 100% compatible with all other mods and it may be used with new or loaded games. If you have any troubles running NoPillars mod with EuropeanBuildingsUnlocker or with C:SL v1.1 check out my fixed version of it.

This mod changes level loading process so please backup your current city before using it.
This mod won’t break your save games if you disable it. But all non-native vanilla buildings will just vanish from your city on the next load if the mod is disabled.

This mod is configurable now.

It adds ‘Options’ button to the mod’s entry in Content Manager (ImprovedModsPanel compatible).
If you click that button, you will see the options panel (see screenshot) which allows to control the following options:
* Load native vanilla growables: Checked by default. If checked, environment’s native vanilla growables will be loaded. If unchecked, they won’t load at level start-up and thus will never grow in your city. You may uncheck it if you want to build a european city in non-European biome.
* Load non-native vanilla growables: Checked by default. If checked, additional environment’s (e.g. European’s for Boreal biome) vanilla growables will be loaded. If unchecked, they won’t load at level start-up and thus will never grow in your city. You may uncheck it if you want to see European landmarks& services in your current city but don’t want European growables to grow in it (and vice versa).
* Override native traffic lights: Unchecked by default. If checked, biome’s traffic lights appearence will be loaded from additional environment (European and International traffic lights look slightly different)
* Add ‘Custom Assets Collection’ GameObject: Unchecked by default. This is for assets creators and for thematic cities builders. If you want to plop your growable custom asset just openModTools‘s Scene Explorer and select a building to plop (see this screenshot[screencast.com]). This option will be deprecated when I (hopefully) develop a separate mod for that.

Click ‘Save’ button after changing options


If you started/loaded a game with Load native vanilla growables and/or Load non-native vanilla growables checked and then unchecked one of them after saving that game, growables that belong to the unchecked type will disappear from your city on the next load! Simply because they won’t load into the game on level loading. Landarks and Services will be loaded always though.

Feel free to comment.

Note: if you have any errors/exceptions, please, don’t paste them or output_log.txt into comments. Use pastebin or similar tool.

Note: This mod doesn’t add any zoning policies. Without a separate zoning mod euro and international growables will be mixed if both ‘Load native vanilla growables’ and ‘Load non-native vanilla growables’ options are enabled. Until Building Themes Mod (by @boformer and me) is published, your best options to deal with that are:
Building Remover Tool,Building Eyedropper Tool, Control Building Level Up and ModTools (using its new plopping of growables feature)

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