Vehicle Remover

Thanks to DontCryJustDie for his help and Just a dude for his reports

What this mod does

This mod allow you to prevent specific types of vehicles from appearing in game.

With the ability to add custom vehicles you might want to remove some of the default ones. For example you might want all your buses to be a very specific custom one. I order to do that you need to be able to disable the default one. That’s where this mod comes in handy.

How to use

When first loading a save (or creating a new city) a configuration file is created. This file should be located in the same folder where cities.exe is. It should be something like this :


By editing this file with a text editor (notepad should suffice) you are able to choose which types of vehicle are enabled. The save must be reloaded for the changes to take effect.

All values are true or false.


Disabling all vehicles of a particular service will prevent it to work as no vehicle will be able to spawn. Make sure you have at least one vehicle available for each services.

Source Code

GitHub: https://github.com/SamsamTS/CS-VehicleRemover

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