Night light mod + cycle


Know bugs:
– When the mod is started the frame rate drops because all street lights are added.
– Sometimes light flicker because of max number of lights
– Not tested with other mods
– Two-lane street are supported only for street lights
– The mod has a optimize function fixed at 1080p:Higher resolutions results in no lights at frame edge, Lower resolutions will result in performance drop.

needs Moving Sun from rmbackslash

Update 5/5
– Performance improvement

If you experience performance issus please report the follow: resolution, CPU, GPU, VRAM use, RAM use, GPU use, CPU use(use gpu-z) also city size and of course fps. So I can find out were the problems are.

Please report problems here: https://github.com/marc1990/cs-mod-night/issues
Code: https://github.com/marc1990/cs-mod-night/
Reddit: http://www.reddit.com/r/CitiesSkylinesModding/comments/34m8x2/mod_night_light_cycle/

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