Muzz Buzz Coffee Drive-Thru (ploppable)

“Muzz Buzz is an Australian owned and operated drive-through coffee franchise chain, originating in Perth, Western Australia. Established in the metropolitan suburb of Belmont, Western Australia in 2001, Muzz Buzz has seen rapid expansion in recent years. Following a “carbon-copy” franchise model, Muzz Buzz locations can be found over 35 locations within the Perth metropolitan area, and has 10 stores in Victoria, 2 in QLD, 2 in SA and 2 in New Zealand.”

Taken from Wikipedia; have never been to nor seen one here in Europe; was made because of a request.

Double checked and placed ingame to make sure it works; and it does. 🙂



Includes hangout zones for pedestrians.
Parking mark in front of the counter.
No smoke or steam.


Size: 2×1

Construction Cost: 250
Fire Hazard: 0
Fire Tolerance: 10
Gaabage Accumulation: 5
Maintenance Cost: 10

Electricity Consumption: 10

High Wealth Tourists 75
Low Wealth Tourists 75
Medium Wealth Tourists 75

Sewage Accumulation 0
Water Consumption 10

Entertainment Accumulation 150
Entertainment Radius 700

Ground Offset 0
First Height 150
Other Height 200
Floor Count 150

The object has an icon and all maps, including an illumination map.

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