HarborPack by –VIP– (building ?1)

HarborPack by vip

I looked that few people engaged in upgrading ports. And I decided to create a major mod that would diversify.
For a long time I was out, and not just. Created a lot of work, I decided not to lay out one by one and put right a lot.
But that’s not all, will be continued.
I hope you like my mod. If you like my fashion, please put me a good evaluation. So find out more about them people. ))))

And so. The first part of this warehouse 10 largest container shipping companies in the world. Everything is always perfectly legible form. very detailed mod. On it, I spent a lot of time in selecting and editing images, as well as in the detail of mod. Just spent a lot of time on something that would set it in the right place.
It was one of the most difficult, because I do not know how to write programs, but only do graphics. but I managed. )))))
Enjoy. )))

Most of these mods in my collection http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=411033076

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