[Growable] Hermes VII Building

A random 9 storey level 2 2×1 building.

This is a special one because I lived in this building during most of muh childhood in Rosario, Argentina. Many memories ;_; . The building was built at some point during the 70s. It theory there are other 6 “Hermes” buildings across the city but I could never find one. It might look crappy but the interior was pretty damn nice, it just happens that no many gave a damn about the exterior

NOTICE: This building HAS random furniture and plats across its balconies. They just don’t appear on the pictures I did put here.

The model

-~1400 triangles
-1024×1024 texture
-Diffuse, Specular, Normal and Alpha maps
-Custom LOD with its pretty 256×256 custom LOD texture
-A lot of love


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