Enhanced Build Panel

Are you tired of clicking hundreds of times to ‘scroll’ through your thumbnails?
Do you see a new awesome item in the workshop and are filled with dread at the idea of yet another mouse click added to the mix?
Then this is the mod for you.


It allows you to resize and move the build panels (the ones that have assets). It also allows you to scroll with your mouse wheel anywhere in the panel.See screenshots.
This is an updated version of the Improved Build Panel from nlight.


Back up your save games. This mod doesn’t touch anything that should corrupt them, but you should back them up anyway. If they get broken, I can’t fix them.

Moving the Panel
  1. Press and hold down the LEFT CTRL key
  2. Press and hold down the left mouse button an any active (non-disabled) asset in the window.
  3. Continuing to hold both the LEFT CTRL key and Mouse button down, move the mouse to drag the window.
  4. Release the keys when you’re happy with the position.
Resizing the Panel
  1. Locate the two little arrows at the bottom right of the panel just beneath the scroll bar.
  2. Press and hold the left mouse button on those arrows.
  3. Continue to hold down the left mouse button and drag your mouse to resize the window.

If you decide you like it, please be ever so kind and hit that little thumbs up guy right up there below the screenshot. And click on that little star. It will make him shine. If you do that, puppies and unicorns play in fields together. If you have issues, please post them rather than just unsubscribe. Your feedback on bugs and compatibility issues, just enriches the entire community.

Which panels are supported?

Supported Panels

  • Roads, Avenues, Highways, Intersections
  • Electricity
  • Water/Sewage
  • Garbage
  • Health
  • Fire
  • Police
  • Education
  • Mass Transit
  • Parks


Will this let me see thumbnails instead of those little white blocks on my assets

No. That is outside of the scope of this mod.

Compatibility Matrix

Compatible Mixed Reports Incompatible
modTools Scrollable Toolbar*

*Scrollable Toolbar : Not exactly incompatible, it just does not work on my panels, but since my panels already allow scrolling they don’t conflict and can enhance the overall experience.

I’m working on bugs as fast as I can.

Credit and Thanks
  • Nlight, for all that he’s done including the source code of this mod.
  • /u/kalimashookdeday on reddit for the idea and the patience while I hammered away at this all night.
  • Bloody Penguin for restoring modTools and some of the other great mods that nLight created for us. Literally could not have done this without modTools.
  • Simie for not only the Precision Engineering mod, but also for writing some of the most beautiful code I’ve seen in 20 years of IT work. I mean pretty not just what it does, but the format and style. It’s pretty. Serious.
  • Sims Firehouse for his assistance in a few key areas.
  • CO for saving the City Building genre. You guys are awesome!
  • A great many users on reddit.
  • Most of all my wife. Who doesn’t undestand why I buy games, and then spend almost the entire time “playing” them by making them more fun for others who play them.

    SourceCode here[github.com]

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