The Island of Isolde

Isolde is a custom tropical Island with NO outside connections!

Isolde is a previously undiscovered jewel in the middle of the ocean. As such, no highway entrances exist, no ocean spanning rail lines exist, just untouched tropical wilderness. Isolde is a resource rich beauty with plenty of interesting terrain and avaliable build space. Several small islands surround the main island. The main island contains a dramatic mountain peak rich with ore deposits and a strong running river. A raised fertile plain dominates the center of the island and dense tropical forrests cover the rim of the island meeting with inviting beaches at the coast.

Challenges to this map include:
-Complete isolation makes starting much tougher, especially with (optional) tight budget restraints
-Building from absolutely nothing
-Sewage/Water management due to the calm shallow water surrounding the island

Shipping lanes and air routes serve as the only way on and off the island and as such a few mods are highly reccomended to play this map.

25 tile mod: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=405810376
-Reccomended to utilize the entire island which was designed to fit snugly within the 25 tile buildspace.

New Game+: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=411769510
-Required to unlock all transportation from the start to access airport and harbor.
-Reccomended start money: 200,000 to start with airport, 130,000 to start with harbor.

(Optional default mods instead of NG+: Unlimited Money and Unlock All. Both shipped in vanilla game.)

Hopeful to add in the future:
-Regional Airport (cheaper to build and maintain but with lower capacity)
-Regional Harbor (cheaper to buiild and maintain but with lower capacity)
-Small Cargo Harbor (cheaper to build and maintain but with lower capacity)

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