Terraform Tool for Asset Editor

Have you ever tried building a sunken asset? This mod is built for that purpose.
A great thanks to rollo for sharing the code with us. This is totally inspired by his excellentTerraform Tool mod. His mod has more features for in-game use. Please check it out.

As for compatibility, yes this mod is compatible with rollo’s Terraform Tool mod because this mod is activated only in the editor.

Included tools are: Ditch/plateau, Shift, Level, and Slope.

Usage is simple.
For the Ditch/plateau and Shift tools, left click to raise terrain or right click to lower it.
For the Level tool, right click to set the height sample, and left click to level the terrain.
For the Slope tool, right click to set the target terrain node, and left click to create a slope toward the target terrain node.

Observe when you use the brushes. Highlighted points are the editable terrain nodes.

Available Keys: (Key mapping is the same as your settings.)
(A) Increase or Decrease brush size (Map Editor -> Brush Size):
–Default is Numpad +/-.
—-Difference by 8 meters.
—-Size range is between 16 and 160 meters.

(B) Increase or Decrease brush strength (Map Editor -> Brush Strength):
–Default is Shift + Numpad +/-.
—-Difference by 1 level.
—-Total of 5 strength levels.

(C) Additional keys for brush strength (Shared -> Build Elevation):
–Default is PageUp and PageDown.
—-Difference by 3 meters.
—-Strength range is between 3 and 15 meters.

Key combinations in (B) and (C) can be used interchangeably to adjust the brush strength.

(D) Undo Stroke (Map Editor -> Undo Terrain Modification):
–Default is Control/ Command + Z.
—-Available during one terraforming session.

Known Issue:
Because of how the game calculate the terrain shape in between terrain nodes, you will run into this problem when using the Plateau tool. Don’t build on these edge nodes. Try to expand the plateau and base your network on a more even area in the center.

NOTE: Terrain editing is not stored in your asset, but object data are affected by the terrain.
Source code: https://github.com/SkylinesSimsfirehouse/SkylinesTerraform

Mod also available on Simtropolis: http://community.simtropolis.com/files/file/30433-terraform-tool-for-asset-editor

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