Poll: Should the Cities: Skylines Workshop Allow Paid Mods?

Cities: Skylines

Yesterday the Steam community came out guns blazing following Valve’s decision to allow Skyrim paid mods but should Colossal Order do the same?

There was a massive backlash from the Skyrim modding community when Valve enabled the Steam Workshop to allow modders to charge for their creations. The addition of this new feature appears to have opened a can of worms with disputes over copyright, fees, commission to modders, forking of mods, well the list goes on.

The question is, will Paradox and Colossal Order enable the same system for Cities: Skylines? How would we all feel about it if they did?

Gula has already proved that the community is willing to pay for top-notch mods through systems such as Patreon so is there a need to allow modders to charge?

In an interview that appeared today on Gamasutra with Colossal Order’s Graphics and Gameplay Programmer Damien Morello he discussed the idea:

“As a developer we can’t directly plan for or support every kind of modding, but when you’re putting assets on the Workshop for free, it’s perfectly understandable that when someone is spending a lot of their time making very high quality assets for the game, they would want to get some money out of it. So we completely understand why, and I don’t personally think it’s a very bad idea, it’s just something that’s very specific to the player: are they willing to pay for something on top of the cost of the game?

“I don’t see any problems with that, but I don’t know how the community would react if everyone started doing the same. I’m not sure if modding would be as successful if everything had to be paid for, even if it was a very small amount. We’ll see in the future where it goes. I think the core idea is not bad, to ask for a little money if the quality is really good.”

So what are your thoughts on this? Let’s take a vote!

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