Improved Assets Panel

This mod replaces the default assets list with a redesigned version offering extra features and better performance.

Extra features:
– Filter assets by their type – building, park, intersection, education etc. by clicking on the respective icon on the top bar.
– Assets can be marked as favorite. Favorite assets can be filtered/ sorted separately.
– All assets can be sorted alphabetically, by last update time, by subscription time, by active state, by favorite state or by filesystem location.
– Assets in any category can be enabled/ disabled all at once.

Note: This mod is always active meaning the checkbox in the mods list for it will do nothing. You have to unsubscribe to turn it off. I will probably make this work in a future version.

If you keep the mod “deactivated” in the mods list then achievements will not be disabled by this mod.

For the mod list panel overhaul check out Improved Mods Panel.
For the in-game build panel overhaul check out Improved Build Panel.

Full source on GitHub[github.com]


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