Gabe Newell – Pay What You Want Will be Added to Steam Mods

Steam Gabe Newell

It looks like Valve has caved slightly with the new paid mods feature which will please City: Skylines players if paid mod support is added.

While we still have no idea whether Paradox and Colossal Order will eventually allow paid mod support in the Cities: Skyline Steam Workshop, there has at least been a concession made by Valve over the weekend.

Valve’s Gabe Newell hit Reddit to explain their stance on paid mods and why the feature was added. He revealed that there will be a change made where a “Pay what you want” option will be available to mod creators. Players can then pay something or nothing at all to obtain the mod.

Based on our current poll where we ask you whether paid mod support should be added for Cities: Skylines, the majority of you think it’s a bad idea closely followed by it should be a donation system only. The “Pay what you want” option is the closest thing to a donations system which should appease some of the modding community.

The poll we are running currently looks like this…

[poll id=”2″]

Paradox and Colossal Order will be keeping a really close eye on the situation to see if the changes being made will keep a modding community happy. We’ll have to wait and see what they eventually decide to do should it become an options for Cities: Skylines.

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