Enhanced Building Capacity

What is Enhanced Building Capacity?

It’s a fully customizable building capacity enhancement mod. You can configure how many occupants the residential buildings have or how much garbage accumulates at industrial buildings. The goal is a more balanced gameplay experience, but since it’s customizable you can have 600 households in a level 1 apartment if you like to. IMPORTANT NOTE: read “Another Important Note” (see below)
To cut the matter short, it’s an improved version of the PopBalanceMod from Kundun

I saw quite a few people complaining about how his/her mod not beeing customizeable unless you have some C# programing experience and still the code is somehow a mess. That doesn’t mean it is bad but it is not very readable.

So I thought I will take the original mod idea, start from scratch and make a new mod that is exactly the same but customizeable.

Since I’m not familiar with unity engine it took me a whole lot of work to get the proper loading of the configuration file up and running. Nevertheless, I finally did it and want to share it with you.


To make a long story short, any mod not modifying the building AIs should be working fine.
If you find any mod not compatible please let me know and I’ll add it to the list.

Not compatible:

Important Note

When you’re using this mod, as for any building AI modifying mod, I recommend starting a new game and then don’t change the configuration file while playing this save game. The reason for that is when Cities:Skylines creates a new building it loads the (modified) building AI data (from the mod) and saves it in a container for that particular building. If you now change any of the configurations the savegame will still be fully functional, but the previous build buildings will load the old values saved in their container. Commercial, industrial and office buildings can and will be patched with the new values whereas I didn’t manage to patch residential buildings. To solve this you could either bulldoze every old residential building or start a new savegame. However, if you don’t care about these buildings having different values than set in the configuration file – go ahead.

!!–Another Important Note–!!

Right now the mods’ default configurations are the games default values. Put simply, if you don’t change the configuration file yourself the game experience will remain the same.
*Before releasing this I thought I might create a config file with the PopBalanceMod values, you can get here[github.com].

Well, I have to admit I did try changing the values, but it was never quite balanced. Now as the mod is customizable I thought you might be better in creating some balanced configuration I will make the default, if you share them with me. (Most certainly I will give you proper credit on this page).

Tips on how to configurate

The configuration file will be created when the mod is loaded, in other words when you start a new game or load an existing savegame with the mod activated. It will be called“EnhancedBuildingCapacityConfig.xml” and can be found in“..\Steam\SteamApps\common\Cities_Skylines”. The mod will reload the file every time you load or start a game, so you don’t have to exit the game if you want to change some settings.

Since in the original code the workplace count is always 0 for residential buildings and the resident count is always 0 for commercial, industrial and office buildings I combined them to one variable: Capacity

And don’t worry if you break your configuration file. If the mod cannot read the file it will rename it to “EnhancedBuildingCapacityConfigBACKUP.xml”, “EnhancedBuildingCapacityConfigBACKUP2.xml”, etc. and will create a new one with the default values, so that your hard work is never overwritten.

Source Code

The source code can be found here: https://github.com/julianaym/EnhancedBuildingCapacity

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