CO Explain Their Plans for Cities: Skylines Tunnels

Tunnels didn’t make it into the game but they are coming. CO explain how they will likely work.

The first content patch is currently in the works and one of the planned features for release in the update is tunnels. Nobody had any idea how these will function and look in the game but CO’s Marina has explained how they plan on implenting them in the update.

The team is figuring out the best way to represent the tunnels in the game. It is a challenge and partly the reason why the tunnels didn’t make it to the game in the first place. It is very unlikely we could resolve the issue with the tunnels so that there would be a separate underground view. It looks like it will be similar view than to the metro tunnels and water pipes but with the start of the tunnel being modeled. The functionality itself is not difficult as it works like the elevated roads but to the opposite direction.

Creating a visual representation of movement in a tunnel would be incredibly hard so the method CO are suggesting makes perfect sense.


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