Cities: Skylines Sells 1 Million

Cities: Skylines

A huge milestone has been reached today proving that city building is as popular as ever.

Colossal Order will be over the moon with the latest sales number for Cities: Skylines as the game has now sold more than a million copies since it launched last month. Sales have slowed slightly in the past couple of weeks after it sold 250,000 in 24 hours but there’s still a steady flow of new players joining the action every day.

The success of the game can partially be attributed to the influx of mods, assets and maps since the game launched with the community embracing the tools that were provided by Colossal Order. Since the game launched there has been 33,000 mods/assets/maps created for the game and there’s an average of 21,000 players city building at any one time.

The £29.99 price will also have helped with the continued sale because what you get for your money is really impressive.

Commenting on the continued success of the game, CEO of Paradox Interactive Fredrik Wester said, “We continue to be amazed at just how players have embraced Cities: Skylines. The game is still selling at a steady pace, which is remarkable for a game that has been on sale for well over a month. Once again, we want to thank everyone that has supported and continues to support this game.”

Congratulations to both Paradox and Colossal Order!

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  • Jack Pott

    Well done Colossal Order, it’s well deserved.