Cities: Skylines Mod of the Week – Improved Panels

Cities: Skylines: Mod of the Week

Cities: Skylines Mod of the Week returns after a short break and this week it’s a double dose in a single update. One of the more prolific modders that has really helped the community is nlight and a couple of his earlier mods deserve this week’s award.

With the massive amount of Cities: Skylines mods and assets now available thanks to the great work of the community, organising content in your game gets harder the more you subscribe to via the workshop.That’s why this week I recommend you have nlight’s Improved Assets Panel and Improved Mods Panel installed if you’ve not already done so.

Both these mods really help with organising the content you’ve subscribed to via the in-game menu and enhance the interface with some really useful options. When it comes to activating, sorting and selecting either assets or mods, both of these will be a huge help.

Having these mods installed has saved me a lot of time since they were released and have been extremely useful when testing mods and assets for the site.

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