Tunnels and European Buildings Coming as Free Cities: Skylines DLC

Cities: Skylines Colossal Order

Some more news today with regards to future upcoming Cities: Skylines content which was revealed in an interview with PCGamer. According to CO’s CEO Mariina Hallikainen, tunnels and European buildings will be released a part of their free DLC commitment.

So, basically we have discussed it with Paradox and it’s going to be a similar model to what they have for Crusader Kings 2 and Europa Universalis 4, so it’s a bigger expansion with some smaller DLC and also free content. The tunnels and the European buildings we already discussed that these would be free updates, because I very strongly feel that the tunnels, for example, should have—I feel it’s a part of the game. It’s an integral part of the game and it needs to be there. So, we agreed that we, of course, having only 13 people working at Colossal couldn’t make it in the original scope, we really just want to add that later on, and I think it belongs to all the players.

The interview also mentions the possibility of terraforming while in-game and it sounds like it’s possible.

We have discussed that. There is no news about that yet. So, basically—terraforming has been actually discussed quite a lot. It is a little bit of a tricky feature so we need to think about it a lot to see if it would be possible or not. We have some ideas. We’ll keep you guys updated on that.

Thanks to the great sales (well done everyone), Paradox are fully behind the game with future expansion plans and there is definitely scope for more modding support.

Well, [Paradox] is very happy. [Laughs] It is something that we have discussed that now we have a chance to add more to the game both in the scope of the planned expansions and for the free content as well. One of the major differences now after these really massive sales—it’s still a little bit overwhelming for us over here—is support for the modding. So, we’re basically discussing that we really want to emphasize that, we want to bring more to it, so we definitely got more support, also from Paradox to work on that, which is absolutely fantastic.

If you want to know more, check out the full interview.

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