SkylinesCity Site Updates – 20 March

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Today I have been working on asset filtering in the SkylinesCity Assets section. One of the main issues players have is finding assets that would suit their city and I ‘ve been working on categorisation in the Assets section. It needs some tweaking still and I am open to further categorisation suggestions. You can now find a search filter at the top of the section.

Further filters will be added for mods but it’s not quite as easy categorising these but again feel free to suggest way in which you would like to see these filtered. Working on this has turned up a lot of possibilities for search parameters and it’s involved a lot of code changes but I’ll get there 🙂 The site is starting to evolve and there’s more changes planned with regards to how the info is served up.

There’s been a lot of cool assets and mods added to the site in the past couple of days and again, thanks to everyone who has submitted their links and suggested additions for maps,  mods and assets. Much appreciated!

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