SkylinesCity Site Updates

SkylinesCity site updates

A busy couple of days here on SkylinesCity, there’s been a lot of changes to improve the user experience.

As you can see the front page has been changed a lot and this is so players looking for assets, mods or maps can easily use the filters or search to find what they are looking for quicker. This is still being tweaked and if there are more categories you want added then post a note below. The Steam Workshop has sorted itself out a bit with regards to categories but it’s a bit overkill and not easy to find the good stuff.

This is where I hope SkylinesCity can help, and with your help we can make sure all the good stuff doesn’t slip through the net and go unnoticed by other players whether it’s mods, guides, maps, assets or even helpful videos. If you find something new that worthy of the community’s attention then do submit it.

Here On SkylinesCity we’re adding recommended community created files and not everything. This is because there’s some mods/assets that don’t enhance or improve the game, and now that there’s been so many files created in a short space of time, it’s impossible to utilise them all. The assets will keep on coming and there’s still lots more great ideas being tossed around for new mods so they won’t be in short supply.

In other news, if by some chance you visit the site on a mobile, there is a mobile friendly version of the site available. It will autodetect your device you’ll see the news and recent file listing additions.

Once again, a big thanks to everyone that is submitting their entries to the site. There are quite a few really great submissions that would have probably slipped under the radar had they not been sent in 🙂

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