SkylinesCity Important Site Updates

It’s been a busy evening here at SkylinesCity with a few new additions to the site and a lot of reorganisation. This is is running a day behind my planned schedule. Damn you CO for making this game 😉

The first thing to report is the addition of your profile pages. When you are logged in with a site account you will now see a blue PROFILE link at the top of the page. You can now head in there and change your Avatar etc. This will be expanded out if people want more in there.

There’s been a lot of re-categorisation going on to cater for the way in which we look at mods. In the past I have looked after large mod repositories for games but this time I feel that due to Steam Workshop integration it’s easier for mod creators to just get their mods up in one place and it makes it easier for the players to get the mods.

However, there’s going to be a lot of Cities: Skylines mods in the years to come, some good, some bad. I thought it would be more useful to the community to really look at mods, maps and assets to hand-pick the best, the ones that will really enhance the game. With that in mind I created the Recommended mods section and the same will be happening for maps and assets.

The last thing to report today is the submission system. I have created a form where community member can submit news, guides, maps, and mods all in one form. I am hoping that you guys can help me make sure that all the important stuff can get out to the Cities: Skylines community through the site and also help other players.  All submission are reviewed before being posted and any content is attributed to the submitter, no matter if it’s wanting to highlight a mod, map, posting a guide or adding some news.

To help the community the form can be found in the top navigation or via this submit link.

Oh, before I forget. Do pop into the forums, it’s a useful place for the community here to get know each other, share ideas, tips and generally chat. The site is also on Twitter and you can follow updates there too.

OK! That’s enough from me for now. Normal service can now resume and if you have any suggestions I would love to hear them to. SkylinesCity is here for you guys as much as me.

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