SkylinesCity Site Updates – Assets

I’ve had a little time to sort out a few things on the site on Saturday including improving the top maps/top mods pages. While doing that I have also now added a top assets section to the site which include in-game community created structures worth checking out.

These will all flesh out as I test more in the coming days but you can also help by submitting great assets, mods or maps via the submit link. With so many appearing this week it’s hard to keep up and the idea is to make sure the best community creations can be easily found. While the Workshop is OK, what I have found is that most submissions are either not categorised or placed in the wrong category which makes it hard for players to find the quality creations.

These SkylinesCity lists I have been putting together will also be broken down into subcategories as more are added into the system in the coming days.

Finally, thanks to everyone who has dropped by the site since launch, your support is really appreciated 🙂

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