Skylines City Site Updates

With Cities: Skylines almost available to everyone, the site has had a few bits and pieces sorted out today. First of all a set of forums has been kicked live which I hope people will find useful to share idea, comments on the game, post shots, share videos etc. You can find main forum right here.

The site registration system has also been changed somewhat allowing everyone to grab a site account either by registering directly or using one of the different types of social media logins. I think every base is covered including Steam logins.

How the site shapes up over the next week largely depends on the community and I’m open to any suggestions readers may have to add or improve things here on Skylines City in the weeks ahead. I know most of you will be super keen to just get stuck into the game next week but I hope that players will find the site a useful resource as more is added, and you can of course help by contributing in the forums. I’ll be keeping a keen eye out for useful and helpful posts 🙂

For now though, drop into the the “Introduce yourself forum thread” and say hello! Welcome to Skylines City everyone!

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