SimCity’s Guillaume Pierre wishes Cities Skylines “Good luck”

This week’s big news in the world of city builders was the closure of the Maxis SimCity studio. With no word on a future SimCity title, and the fact that SimCity failed to deliver on multiple levels, the future looks extremely bright for Colossal Order and Paradox with Cities Skylines. It will hopefully will become an established franchise.

Former Lead Gameplay Scripter and a Designer on SimCity Guillaume Pierre may be disapointed with EA’s decision but he was kind enough to send on best wishes to the Paradox team ahead of next week’s release.

Despite the problems with SimCity, it was sad news to see the studio close. The game had massive potential but I think we can all agree that the small cities really killed the game for most players. I know it was the reason I eventually put th egame down. Continuiing to play felt like a pointless excewrcise.

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