Real World Buildings for Your Cities Skylines

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Like maps, there are as stack of building additions in the Workshop and some deserve a little more attention than others. In this update looking at new assets I’ve been specifically looking for real world structures that have been recreated for the game and there’s surprisingly few at the moment.

There’s lots of parks and doughnut shops but not many famous iconic buildings. I have spotted a few commercially branded buildings also appear such as McDonalds and I’m not quite sure what the policy is on this as far as trademark and copyright is concerned. It was a big issue with SimCity with EA stamping down on anything that was a brand.

Let’s try and encourage more of these real buildings for Cities Skylines by showcasing some of the creations that are available for your cities. Perhaps the pyramids, the Sphinx, Houses of Parliament, The White House, The Gherkin, there’s lots of great building to choose from. Of course creating these all takes time and I’m sure there’s plenty more to come.

Click through to see and download some of the great buildings created so far where I have also placed them next to their real life counterparts. They are all rather good.

London Ete

London Eye – [Get the building]

Chrysler Building

Chrysler Building – [Get the building]


CCTV Headwaurters in China -[Get the building]


 Santa Maria Del Fiora in Itlay – [Get the building]

Salzburg Cathedral

Salzburg Cathedral – [Get the building)

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